Monday, July 11, 2011

First Post! Baseball Accident

So recently at a Rangers game a man fell to his death over the outfield railing to catch a foul ball tossed by an outfielder for his son. It was a totally horrific and tragic accident topped off by the fact that his son watched him fall. To the dismay of the man's family, the news media saw it as a great opportunity to get some hype off of the shock value of posting the video of the event.

Sure enough, the anonymity of the internet made for some particularly poignant comments about the latest excess of the sensational media machine.

This comment was posted on the Huffington Post's page about the accident:

Frank Gunnels weighs in with a particularly sensitive take on the event. His comment takes on the usual internet commenter position of "they deserved it!". The best way to understand this take on events is by looking at the Just World Fallacy. Pretty much, in this dude's twisted brain, anyone who is befallen by misfortune must have done something to bring it onto themselves (i.e. that woman was raped because her skirt was too short!) This species of internet commentator is often seen in articles about homelessness (get a job!)

A fellow who goes by the name ConservaYoda also deserves a shoutout for his insightful take on events:

Thanks for the comment!

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